January 24, 2008

Weekly language Usage Tips: grant/grant proposal, regardless/irregardless

Posted in grant/grant proposal, irregardless/regardless at 7:58 pm by dlseltzer

Today, in the first tip, I get to vent a little about one of my
personal pet peeves: the use of “grant” to mean “grant proposal.” You
cannot write a grant. A grant is what is awarded to you if you write
a strong proposal, and it is selected for funding. What you are
writing is a grant proposal, that is, a plan for carrying out the
intended work.

On a related note, don’t use the word “proposal” when you are
referring to your study.

Example: This proposal is designed to show the racial differences in
treatment for xyz disease. No it isn’t, The study, project, research,
proposed study, etc. is designed to show…

This tip(s) underscores the importance of precision in formal writing.


The second tip is seemingly simple but is ubiquitous in grant
proposal writing. Irregardless is NOT a word. Regardless of how you
feel about it, it just isn’t.


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